Visitors Identity Research (vir) - to immediately establish contacts

System requirements of the application:

Mobile device Android.
Minimun version of OS – 4.0.2 and higher
Device with the camera with resolution at minumum 5MB. In case of contamined optics error or impossible scan can occur!
For further data export internet data connection is needed.

Installation preparations:

To install the application is important to allow installation from unknown sources: Settings -> Security -> Device Administration -> "Unknown sources"



You can install the application by scannig the QR code bellow

Or by downloading  HERE

Using the application:

The application is primarily designed for scanning and saving contacts at the trade fairs Aqua-Therm. All contacts in the program are organized in groups according to the particular trade fair. Despite this is possible to scan any contacts distributed via QR codes in vCard format 3.0.
You can not save QR codes containing only text data, links, product information, passwords, vCal events or text messages.

Basic desktop of the app:


 close app


1 – "To scan" button

2 – Export multiple contacts

3 – Display of contact list

4 – Information about total number of saved contacts

The name of the trade fair (Aqua-therm Praha 2016 or Aquatherm Nitra 2016) appears after loading the first QR code of the visitor.

For purposes of testing the app please use the QR codes bellow:

Aqua-Therm Praha 2016   Aqua-Therm Nitra 2016



Closing menu preferences:

1 – Set hide or show selected tradefairs. All extraneous contacts by which trade fair allocation aren´t recognized are saved in category External sources

2 - Selection of the application language

3 – Information about version, authorship, copyright



Display with contact list:

1 – field for quick search

2 – Alphabet line – quick jump of letter
In case the letter is grey it means you have no contact saved under this letter.

3 –  by pulling the line left the button for immediate erase of contact appears

Symbol   on the line of contact indicates that you´ve made your own note to the contact.
Your notes will be exported together with contacts within the Export multiple

By clicking to the line of contact you will move to Contact details.



Contact detail:

1 – card with details of saved contact.Click on the phone line opens possibility to call immediately.
Click on the e-mail opens the e-mail client on the device.
Click on www open a web page in the browser on the device.

2 – note, click to this section may save, edit or erase the notes

3 – delete a contact from database
Erasing the contact is irreversible.

4 – by click the whole contact adds as a new contact to your mobile device

5 – sending the contact - allow you to send contact details as a vCard file for import into other devices, Google contacts or Outlook



Export multiple contacts:

1 – selection of the trade fair of category

2 – selection of type of export

Excel – stated only for opening in the PC version of Office 2007 and higher. While trying to view in other programs errors may occur. The file is exported in Unicode coding.

vCard – intended for import into the Windows directory, Google mail or Outlook. The file is exported in Unicode coding, Czech characters may not be displayed correctly in some devices.

CSV – CSV - comma-separated file for import into Excel, Google mil or other applications. The file is exported in Unicode coding, Czech characters may not be displayed correctly in some devices.

3 - file location
Send - file can be sent either by e-mail, to the cloud-based storage or sent via Bluetooth or Wifi.

Save - exported file will be saved in the mobile phone's memory.

The exhibitor accepts that all rights to the application which is owned by MDL EXPO Ltd., headquartered Šmeralova 170/31, Bubeneč, CZ 170 00 Praha 7, VAT-ID: CZ24712647, including copyright, and exhibitor is not authorized to use this application besides his needs within the fair Aqua-Therm 2016. Exhibitor concurrently accepts that he won´t use mentioned application without the approval of its author - the above-mentioned companie.

Vystavovatel bere na vědomí, že veškerá práva k aplikaci jsou vlastnictvím společnosti MDL EXPO s.r.o., se sídlem Šmeralova 170/31, Bubeneč, 170 00 Praha 7, IČ: 24712647, a to včetně práva autorského a vystavovatel není oprávněn tuto aplikaci využívat mimo své potřeby v rámci veletrhu AQUA THERM PRAHA 2016. Vystavovatel se současně zavazuje, že uvedenou aplikaci nebude užívat bez souhlasu jejího autora - výše uvedené společnosti.