Evaluation of Aquatherm Praha 2020

Date: 25.3.2020
Despite a very tense atmosphere, this annual took place. For us, who were preparing the trade fair for two years, it should be the highlight of our work throughout its history. And finally, after all, it was, though from a different perspective.

It happened thanks to you, our exhibitors, your support and effort at the time of preparations, when we all had nerves on the edge. For Aquatherm Prague fortunately everything went wellm, for our friends and colleagues in the field of organization and realization of exhibitions and trade fairs and their clients, the prohibition finally came. We wish them good luck, to manage the situation in the best possible way and with the least possible damage, we wish all the best to them all!
Thank you again for your cooperation and wish colleagues in the industry a quick return to normal, but above all we wish everyone lots of health!

Advertising campaign:

The main novelty of this year's campaign was its scope. As well as the trade fair itself, the occupied area was absolutely the greatest in the history of the Aquatherm Praha including the extent and form of individual exposures. Perhaps this, in view of the gradual introduction of coronavirus-related measures across Europe, eventually led to dignified attendance, primarily by experts and professionals, to the detriment of the general public, where we logically recorded the largest slump.

Below are the basic points of this year's campaign:

  1. Billboard, Print and Internet campaign was realized by PHD media agency,

  2. photodocumentation of Billboards in the Czech Republic, evaluation can be found HERE (pdf 8MB)

  3. Radio advertisement: 1,225 spots on 12 nationwide radios in prime times, details can be found here (pdf, 577kB), own spot HERE (mp4, 3,8MB)

  4. TV advertisement: via company Brilon Ltd. the spot was deployed on TV Prima as a partner of the main TV news program, before, during and after the main TV news program from February 25 to March 3, total 14x, own spot HERE (youtube.com)

  5. close cooperation with the web portal TZB-info.cz plus daily live broadcasts directly from the trade fair, the whole program can be found HERE (youtube.com)

  6. inclusion of the trade fair in the Lifelong Learning Program of the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians Active in Construction (ČKAIT), up to 4 points ... more HERE

  7. organization of the second annual of the Mayor's Day together with the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic primarily with the aim of expanding the visitor structure to include representatives of the local government of the Czech Republic, photogallery HERE

  8. Intensive Facebook and Instagram campaign

  9. Targeted advertisement:

  • newspaper AQUATHERM Times, 3 issues in the half year before the trade fair. Distribution via Czech Post to precise and targeted mailing addresses
    - 2016 and 2018 visitors
    - distribution through pofessionals magazines and associations,
    - distribution of Aquatherm Times including catalog before the trade fair (incl. registered visitors till February 7, 2020)
    A total of 75,000 copies were distributed in three waves
  • targeted distribution in the form of an E-newsletter to verified contacts, from official sources ... visitors from 2014, 2016 and 2018, ČKAIT database, TZBinfo.cz portal, Jaga media, TVstav, Czech professional associations etc. - details available on request
  • meeting for interested exhibitors before the acquisition of corporate visitors in Prague and Brno


2020 decrease in % compared to 2018 Total
1st day - 7% 2 692
2nd day - 30% 3 718
3rd day - 40% 4 022
4th day - 44% 1 613
Total: - 32% 12 045

The total number of visitors decreased by 32% compared to 2018 (see year 2018 HERE). These are unique visitors - duplicate records have been removed and multiple participation of one visitor during the fair is counted only once. The figures follow a progressing wave of information and facts about coronavirus both from official sources and initially primarily from the tabloid media.


The result, of course, is not what we had hoped for. But given the situation, we regard these figures as a small miracle, and after passing many meetings with exhibitors during the last two days of the trade fair, our opinion is not unique. In the final opinion prevailed, copying both the result of attendance and its connection with the progressing situation around the viral infection, simply put as follows ... "the general public rapidly declined and we noticed mainly in the absence of foreign clients, who mostly canceled their visit". This view was most likely a large extent that captures the loss of 32% compared to 2018 and defines the absence of the general public and invited guests from abroad.

We can only hope that you are still satisfied with your participation and that we can cooperate with you in the coming years. Thank you.