Date: 27.2.2020
During the last three days our partners and clients logically contact us for information. Therefore, let us summarize everything in this form and introduce you to the facts that we have at our disposal.


We do not want to bother you by explaining the exact facts, the difference between the current flu and the current threat, or the difference between the disease in China, Iran and EU countries. It does not belong to us, but it is a matter of the media, politicians and experts. We would like to inform you about Aquatherm Prague 2020, which today, a few days before the opening, we do not want to cancel, we can not do this and especially, nobody forces us to do it - even though we asked the official institutions for the instructions. And moreover, our clients don't force us to do that also. Here are some measures and steps we have taken to address the current situation:

  • With an apologetical explanation, we canceled all clients from the People's Republic of China, Taiwan and South Korea last week
  • We have arranged the disinfection devices for personal hygiene around the Exhibition Grounds
  • After receiving information about canceling trade fairs in Italy, Spain and Germany and moving them to the first week of September - ie not quite "optimal" date - we contacted the official government offices in the Czech Republic on Monday to get their decision and recommendation in the context of beginning installation of the trade fairs. On 27 February 2020 it was announced through the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic and the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic that here is no confirmed case of contagion of coronavirus and goverment will not to prohibit any social events. We have no other choice than to continue the preparations.

Of course we cannot estimate what will happen in the upcoming days, we understand our clients' nervousness and we are not spared of nervousness ourselves also, but we trust our official leaders and experts that no extreme situations await us and we are sincerely surprised how very few of our clients contacted us with fear or requests to cancel their participation. We are also delighted by the interest of visitors and that they are looking forward to Aquatherm Prague 2020 - moreover in connection with the cancellation of trade fair European significance in Milan.

For us, who have been involved in the preparation of Aquatherm Prague 2020 for the past two years, we can only emphasize that we believe in a successful and trouble-free trade fair and we look forward to you, our clients and your visitors.