Competition "We are with you for 25 years" has a winners

Date: 20.3.2018
This year it is exactly 25 years, when we began preparing the first edition of the fair Aquatherm Prague. We wanted to remind this anniversary. The main prize for each of them was a "smart mobile phone" incl. rich accessories.

And why the phone? First of all a useful gift and then mainly in connection with our trade fair app ... more HERE.

In total, we drew 100 visitors, for each day 25 winners. And how did the draw go by region?

29 from Prague, 13 from the Central Bohemia Region, 7 from the Pardubice Region, 6 from the South Bohemian Region, 6 from the Vysočina region, 5 from the Moravian-Silesian Region, 5 from the Královohradecký region, 4 from the Olomouc Region, 4 from the Pilsen region, 3 from the Liberec region, 3 from the Karlovy Vary Region, 3 from the Zlín Region, 3 from Slovakia, 7 from the South Moravian Region, 2 from the Ústí nad Labem Region

Congratulations to winners and we look forward to see you on Aquatherm Praha 2020.