Mayors are heading to Aquatherm

Date: 11.12.2017
The first day of the fair will be held with the subtitle "Mayors Day". Representative government can enjoy a full-day program and a tour of the exhibition

Meet your exhibits with a new circle of visitors from the local government who are in charge of investment, infrastructure renovation and building management (health care facilities, schools, swimming pools or administrative buildings) as recepients from the government and EU subsidy programs.

The Mayors Day will be under the patronage Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic

SMO ČR (Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic) is a voluntary, apolitical and non-governmental organisation founded as an interest group of legal entities. Members of the Union are towns and municipalities.

SMO ČR is a partner to governmental and parliamentary political representation. It participates in the preparation and creation of draft legislative measures in areas pertaining to the competencies of municipalities. Activity of SMO ČR is primarily based on active participation of mayors, lord mayors and municipal representatives who, beyond the framework of their duties, also devote to general self-government issues.
SMO ČR associates approximately 2,500 municipalities and towns. They represent more than 70% of the total population of the Czech Republic.