I.Newsletter Aquatherm Praha 2014

Date: 10.10.2013

Why are we talking about the new exhibition Aquatherm Praha?

This is not just about moving the date, from autumn to spring (4th to 7th March 2014), after twenty years, and the beginning of the two-year cycle organization, but on rebuilding the HVAC trade fair in the Czech Republic, which specifically and comprehensively will cover this topic and will perform the building as a whole from the perspective of heating, measuring, control and regulation, as well as ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning. Aquatherm Praha is now in the Czech Republic the only international trade fair in the field of HVAC, which has a real chance to meet the above.

A new model of the accompanying program which is prepared to become an appropriate platform for discussion of experts such as designers, installers and installation companies, developers, investors, government, as well as experts from the field of facility management (building administration), etc. The new concept will allow us to respond to the individual requirements of our clients with respect to the orientation and selection of target groups of visitors, and to guarantee their participation.


Why a two-year cycle of fair?

They are mainly economic reasons, which must deal with our clients every day, but also extending the intervals of implementation new products to the market. Specific dates including venues in even-numbered years, we have carefully selected with respect to you, our clients, with the greatest possible respect other important HVAC domestic and also foreign events.


Program tailored to the needs of our exhibitors.

Thematically specialized accompanying program will be focused on the target group of companies, institutions and managers who have decision-making authorities. We are preparing for the government administration such topics as the possibility of energy saving in public buildings, the current subsidy programs and how to treat them or ventilation public space, ventilation and schools.

The main author of the accompanying program is the largest internet portal for HVAC in Czech Republic www.tzbinfo.cz, together with the Society for Environmental Technology www.stpcr.cz. International participation represents mainly European Federation of Associations for heating, ventilation and air conditioning REHVA, gathering leading experts from 26 countries www.rehva.eu. Their personal participation, including individual presentations guarantees new topics bringing a new perspective from abroad.

Other partners include the Association of Professional Wholesalers www.aov.cz , a publisher of the professional journal www.topin.cz  - all under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians Active in Construction www.ckait.cz.

According to the current situation in building industry we focus on developers, investment companies and facility management companies. The topics of the accompanying program are prepared with the IFMA association (leading facility management association in Czech Republic).


And what other changes are being prepared?

We pay great attention to the promotion of the trade fair, to this fact corresponds the budget of the media campaign and the connection with domestic and foreign professionals, for example newspapers, internet, radio and billboards across the Czech Republic. For the 20th international trade fair we are preparing an intensive TV advertising at CT1 and TV Prima, so the invitation to the jubilee event won´t be possible to be overlooked since January 2014.

Moreover the entrance to the trade fair is free of charge, only based on registration via the official website, VIP tickets without queues, discounted parking, visitors registration directly on your website ... this and much more will be ready for your clients and we will be glad to inform about the details personally.


Topics of 11th World Congress CLIMA 2013 during Aquatherm Praha 2014

You will be able to meet with experts from REHVA (European Federation of Associations for Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning) during the accompanying program focused on the theme "New HVAC technologies for building with zero energy consumption". It is clear, even to our engineering community, that the issue of zero energy consumption means new technologies, but also new and innovative approaches to their construction and implementation. Thanks to the cooperation with this leading European association in the accompanying program and in the promotion of the trade fair in bordering European countries, the twentieth edition of the trade fair Aquatherm Praha returns the event back to its European importance. Read more about Aquatherm Praha 2014 on the prestige European website Build-up.


Aquatherm Praha has become a major partner of the golf tournament “Developers Cup”

Aquatherm Prague has become a major partner of the prestigious tournament Developers Cup 2013. The major developers and real estate professionals covering more than 80% of development activities in the Czech Republic informally meet here. This event supports the development of personal relationships between developers and their partners such as banks, investment funds, architects, construction companies, real estate agents, industry experts in the HVAC field, etc. The connection of the trade fair with developers, and particularly with the key developers, gives our clients the opportunity to establish business and friendly relations with this important group of professionals in the construction industry. With the developers we count especially in the preparation of selected topics in the accompanying program with regard to our clients in order to combine the interests of key employees of both groups of professionals in one place at one time. We believe that Aquatherm Praha 2014 is the right place... More


Aquatherm Praha started registration of exhibitors for 2014

Already have supported the trade fair companies such as Atmos, AZ Pokorny, Baxi, Dakon, Danfoss, Geberit, Geminox, Grundfos, IVT, Junkers, Korado, Meibes, Protherm, Quantum, Regulus, Rehau, Stiebel Eltron, Thermona, Vaillant, Viadrus, Viessmann, Weishaupt or Atrea, Amit, Daikin, Elektrodesign, Fort Plasty, Janka, Příhoda, Rekuper, Remak, Testo, Trane, Viega, Ziehl-Abegg and many others across the HVAC industry. The first deadline is October 31, 2013. For in time registered companies we guarantee the largest selection of exhibition space and the location of their exposition.

With the support and participation of these key companies in the field of HVAC we will provide for professional visitors and general public a comprehensive overview of where the market is heading and what technologies are companies preparing. Visit the trade fair will become the main opportunity to see everything personally, to find out what are the new trends, etc.

Download documents for exhibitors