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We are with you for 25 years

The next year will be 25 years, when the first annual Aquatherm Praha fair was held. Play with us about 100pcs cell phone and register to visit the exhibition today and get the chance to win the cell phone ... each day one of the 25 phones

ATapp® for visitors as well
"Mark your exhibit"

Download the ATapp® to your smart phone and  "read" data on selected exhibits - the name, type, parameters, contact the dealer by region and of course the product website. This is thanks to the QR codes placed on individual exhibits. Contact information for the seller including the basic parameters of all the exhibits will be practically immediately available, including personal notes, photos, etc. All the data you can then comfortably at home to send at once to your e-mail as an excel file containing all the collected data.

More about ATapp® is HERE

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